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Welcome to JapanDirect.  Your home to great Japanese television programs. 

Two great new channels for the entire U.S. exclusively on DIRECTV.  See shows from the #1 broadcaster in Japan, Nippon TV and movies from Japan’s oldest film company, Nikkatsu. 

Catch the latest dramas the same week they air in Japan on Nippon TV.  See the world famous Yomiuri Giants baseball games the same day as it airs in Japan.

For a limited time, get 3 months free of JapanDirect when you qualify.  See below for details.



Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom


Stories to Match


Matsuko in the Room


PANDA Judges the World

JapanDirect 10

Alien vs. Ninja

JapanDirect 11

Being Good

JapanDirect 12

Their Distance


Get THREE MONTHS FREE of JapanDirect, the official home of Japan’s No. 1 rated NIPPON TV Channel, and Japan’s favorite movie channel, Channel NECO International, ONLY on DirecTV.
This offer is available to existing or previous TV Japan subscribers and existing or previous Family Gekijo subscribers (Dish).

To receive you FREE THREE MONTHS of JapanDirect, please send proof of your existing or previous subscription to TV Japan or Family Gekijo AND proof of your subscription to JAPANDIRECT to:

JapanDirect Free 3-Month Offer
c/o Glocal Media
1340 E 6th St. #520, Los Angeles, CA 90021

OR via email:
[email protected]

* Your free months will come as a reimbursement. Be sure to include your correct address to receive your reimbursement.

* In order to receive your free months of JapanDirect, you must subscribe to DirecTV (

For more information, please call 1-877-527-2688 (877-JapanTV)