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Channel NECO International is the movie and TV Series channel from Japan’s oldest film production company, Nikkatsu. The channel is based on the #1 CS broadcast movie channel in Japan, Channel NECO.

Featuring programming from Nikkatsu’s own production along with other Japanese producers, the channel is geared towards the action and classic movie fans.

Featured movies this month are:

Being Good

Alien vs. Ninja

Japanese Gambler's Code

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A Alien vs. Ninja Alien vs. Ninja

AVN Ailian VS Ninja : Time is Sengoku era, UFOs arrive in the forest. The ninja master of Iga sends three users, but the aliens who emerged from the mysterious object slice them to bits with sharp fangs and claws.

And Then It Rained
And Then It Rained

Ameno Naka ni Kiete : Ayako, Takako and Kimie are classmates from Akita high school who now live together in Tokyo in a modest and free life. The three spend their energetic youth in the face of a violent adult world.

B The Baby Carriage The Baby Carriage

Ubaguruma : Yumiko, who believed she was living in a peaceful family, is stunned to discover that her father has a child with a young mistress. Soon, Yumiko meets the mistress's brother and finds out that they really love each other.


Bamy : The miraculous reunion brings Fumiko and Ryota together quickly and leads for marriage. However, Ryota is troubled by the ability that cannot be said to others. That is, he can see ghosts.

A Beautiful Memory
A Beautiful Memory

Utsukushii Koyomi : Sadako, a senior in high school, is a daughter of a pawnshop owner. One day during a store turn, Kunio, a high school student she met a month ago from a mountain climb, comes to a pawn shop to sell his camera.

Being Good Being Good

Kimi wa Iiko : Adults and children living in a certain city and living while interacting in various ways. Those who live with troubles and problems find light in the connection between people and take small steps.

Beyond the Green Hills Beyond the Green Hills

Aoi Sanmyaku : Shinko is always considered to be the odd ball of the bunch. At a time when romance is against school regulations, she is the first to take a bite out of the forbidden fruit.

The Bridge of Love
The Bridge of Love

Aa, Seishun no Mune no Chi wa : A college student Kunio meets Tomoko, a female engineer at a toy factory. Tomoko is desperate for Kunio to know her past she was in a children's home. So Kunio and his friend Shuji try to rehabilitate her.

Bright Sea Bright Sea

Hikaru Umi : On the college graduation day, Meiko stands on stage as the valedictorian for the Department of English. During her university years she made sure that she would always come out on top, and she did. What is the next chapter of her life?

Buddies Buddies

Nakamatachi : A young truck drivers and a bus conductor are determined by their lovers and friends to overcome the difficulties and live strongly.

The Black Current The Black Current

Kuroi Shio : A reporter Takuo, who is sleeping in the newspaper room of the Maicho newspaper company, receives a sudden report from a reporter that the missing Akiyama JNR president was found dead.

The Black Gambler The Black Gambler

Kuroi Tobakushi : Shortly after Koji returns to Tokyo, he is invited to attend a reception being held at the Souvenian Embassy, which is an undercover gambling operation that is run by the international gambling syndicate.

The Black Gambler -Devil's Left Hand The Black Gambler - Devil's Left Hand

Kuroi Tobakushi: Akuma no Hidarite : An ambitious nutty gambling professor manipulates King Abdul, in a fictional country Pandora, to conquer the world.

The Black Scar The Black Scar

Kuroi Kizuato no Blues : Five years ago a Yakuza leader died on the scene when he set out to deal with a smuggling deal that Komaki had suggested. Now everybody is trying to find Komaki.

Black Tight Killers
Black Tight Killers

Ore ni Sawaruto Abunaize : War cameraman Hondo goes out on a date with Yoriko, a cabin attendant he met on his flight back to Japan from the Vietnam War, to a restaurant in Tokyo one night. But she gets kidnapped by a group of foreign gangs.

Burning Clouds Burning Clouds

Moeru Kumo : Takashi who has a longing for the sky starts working as an air investigator, and is in charge of the incident that a woman from Bangkok was shot dead at the airport. It seems to be the work of a large smuggling organization behind it.

C The Call of the Foghorn The Call of the Foghorn

Muteki ga Ore wo Yondeiru : Sugi, who returns to the port of Yokohama after a long absence from the voyage learns that his best friend from his childhood committed suicide.

Call of the Storm Call of the Storm

Nikaido Takuya Ginza Buraicho Ginza Mighty Guy Arashi ga ore wo Yondeiru : On a rainy night, a news reporter with the Toto Times receives a phone call that a Tokyo Custom's officer was thrown off of a speeding truck and killed.

The Cards Will Tell The Cards Will Tell

Tekkaba no Kaze : An innocent victim Hatanaka learns that Takagi who put him into jail has become the chief of yakuza group and made Hatanaka’s lover, Nami as his mistress. He swears a revenge on Takagi who runs a rigged gambling business.

A Chain of Islands A Chain of Islands

Nihonrettô : Autumn in 1959. Lieutenant Pollack, who has been transferred to the Crime Investigation Department of S camp, issues a special order to follow the mystery of the Limit Sergeant Case to Hattori and Akiyama, the interpreter.

The Challenge The Challenge

Otoko no Monshô: Kenkajo : Fukada is a vicious criminal who uses the weakness of the yakuza and sprinkles money instead of gambling. The Oshima team leader Ryuji feels a fierce tribute to Fukada's outrageous behavior.

The Champion The Champion

Shourisha : Five years ago, the boxer Eikichi lost the championship by being in love with a well-bred young lady. Now he is desperate to fulfill his dream with a promising newcomer.

Cherry Blossoms in the Air-The Suicide Raiders-Oh,Buddies Cherry Blossoms in the Air-The Suicide Raiders-Oh,Buddies

Hana no Tokkoutai Aa Senyu yo : In 1937, a young man who is told of his father's death left his lamented mother and lover, and volunteered with his alumni for the Navy Air Corps.

Chushingura Part I
Chushingura Part II
Chushingura Part I Chushingura Part II

Chushingura Ten no Maki & Chi no Maki : The vassals of the Asano clan, who surrendered the castle & became wanderers, deceive the enemy and the public, wait for an opportunity to avenge their master and his family.

Classroom Renegades Classroom Renegades

Hikô Shônen : In the municipal Yojo Junior High School, there is a depraved boys group which is organized by Miyata, Nemoto, Inoue and leader Kawakami. Because Kawakami has the backing of the local yakuza, no one questions their affairs.

The Cleanup The Cleanup

Arashi no Yûshatachi : Former criminal Shimaji embarks on the dark organization. When the Federation chairman's concubine is kidnapped by the survivor of the defeated yakuza group, he suggests the chairman about recapturing her for 50 mil. yen.

The Crackshot and the Sharper The Crackshot and the Sharper

Guiter kakaeta Hitoritabi : After many months on the investigation, Koji traces his lead to Suwa City, and learns that a large scale gambling event is going to take place there.

Code of the Lawless Code of the Lawless

Bakuto Mujo : A young man is imprisoned for slashing his benevolent boss's killers who also tortured his lover. But is rescued by his rival.

Crossroad Crossroad

Shi no Jûjiro : Ise accidentally murders his lunatic wife after he is spotted having an affair. In his attempt to conceal his crime, he drives to a remote quarry to bury his wife's body... but along the way he finds another dead body in his car!

Cupola, Where the Furnaces Grow
Cupola, Where the Furnaces Grow

Cupola no Aru Machi : Founder's daughter Jun faces a variety of social issues, including his father's dismissal, poverty, advancement, union, and discrimination.

D Debt King Part V: Project OKINAWA Debt King Part V: Project OKINAWA

Shakking The Movie Okinawa Daisakusen : Mizunuma is struggling to pay back his debts as always, and flys to Okinawa in an attempt to illegally sell a diamond that he confiscated from the yakuza to a jewelry broker.

Debt King Part VI: Legendary Speculator in Naniwa Debt King Part VI: Legendary Speculator in Naniwa

Shakking Naniwa Sobashi Densetsu : Naito is serving time for his aggressive fundraising in the securities world, but returns to Osaka after completing his sentence. Although he wants to get clean, Oyodo Shinkin Bank has tasked Naito to raise funds.

Debt King Part VII: Millennium Debt King Part VII: Millennium

Shakking The Movie 2000 : Takao, the owner of a coffee shop and brother-in-law to Anzai, the assistant manager of Hikari Bank, Osaka central branch, is caught in a scam by an online financial service.

Distorted Moon Distorted Moon

Yuganda Tsuki : Kobe's Yakuza, Masao, witnesses his senior member being shot and killed by someone from the same group. He is given money by the team leader to keep slilent. However, he has something to tell and then betrays the group.

Downhill Youth
Downhill Youth

Wakai Keisha : A young man who works during the day and studies law at night lives in an apartment with his mother who works for a law firm. One day, he learns about his company's corruption from a notebook his neighbor gives him.

Drama of Life
Drama of Life

Jinsei Gekijo : Hyokichi and Taizo, the best friends of all time. Together they live a life with duty and humanity and romance.

The Drifters
The Drifters

Kenju Buraicho Nakaremono no Mure : The fight between Mizuhara and Marusen families ends in a furious gun battle with the Mizuhara family coming out as the winners, but during the fight, a third group interfered and killed the boss of Marusen family.

The Duel in the Storm The Duel in the Storm

Arashi no Hatashijo : The man quits the yakuza business for five years and returns to Shikoku. He intended to return to the wholesale store, but the owner of the store collapsed due to a stroke, and the last ship was taken by the debts.

E Each Day I Cry
Each Day I Cry

Hikô Shôjo : Wakae is a 15-year-old girl that lives under the same roof with her alcoholic father and stepmom. She has nowhere to turn and no one to talk to, until she is reunited with her childhood friend, Saburo.

Eagle and Hawk Eagle and Hawk

Washi to Taka : The chief engineer is killed at the dockside the night before the cargo ship Ocean Maru departed. While the criminal is unknown, Kaimaru carries Senkichi and Sasaki, and the ship goes to the sea.

The Echo of Love The Echo of Love

Yama to Tani to Kumo : Ichiro, a trendy writer, learns that his younger brother Jiro, a mountain photographer was involved in an avalanche at his girlfriend Suzuko's house. Jiro survives and rescued by the search team three days later.

Eden by the Sea Eden by the Sea

Eden no Umi : Nanjo, a young teacher from Tokyo, comes to a girls' high school. His bright personality quickly makes him popular amongst the students.

Edo Dragnet Edo Dragnet

Ooedo Sousamo Episode 1 Inochi Sirazu ga Yami wo Kiru : An exhilarating history drama where secret investigators explore and exploit various means such as disguise, infiltration, and traps, and slash the evil of Edo that spreads behind the incident.

Edo Spring Edo Spring

Edo no Haru Tôyamazakura : Kinshiro takes over the family, but he thinks he is going to replace the son of his stepmother but runs into trouble when he befriends the yakuza.

Eighteen Years, to the Sea Eighteen Years, to the Sea

Juhassai, Umi e : Kei is an honor student and Atsuo is the polar opposite, but opposites attract. After school the two head to the beach, where they find another student from their school competing against a local gang member.

F Farewell to Southern Tosa Farewell to Southern Tosa

Nangoku Tosa wo Ato ni shite : After Joji is released from prison for a gambling bid, he discovers that his beloved girlfriend is being forced into an unwanted marriage with a yakuza to compensate for a large debt she incurred.

Festival of Fire Festival of Fire

Jirochô Yūkyôden Akiba no Himatsuri : The man rampages against Enshu's great boss on the night of the fire festival and strikes the Kurokoma family.

Frankie the Milkman Frankie the Milkman

Gyunyuya Frankie : Roppeita is big in size, clumsy and full of energy. When his grandfather orders him to move out to Tokyo to save a sinking milk delivery business a distant relative of his runs, he encounters the most strangest of clientele.

Flame of Devotion Flame of Devotion

Shuen : For whatever distance that may separate us, we will always be tied with love. They were only thirteen when they first met on another. When they reunite, Takuji has graduated fishery school and Kiyono has grown to become an enchanting beauty.

Foggy Night Blues Foggy Night Blues

Yogiri no Blues : Yakuza member's (Yujiro Ishihara) wife (Ruriko Asaoka) is killed in a battle between rival gangs over cargo handling at Kobe Port.

The Four Young Sisters The Four Young Sisters

Wakakusa Monogatari : Caring for their father who has a young wife, Yuki, Shizuka and Chieko decide to run away to their elder sister, Sanae who lives in Tokyo.

Fresh Leaves Fresh Leaves

Wakai Hito : Keiko has an interest in mathematics teacher Shintaro as a man, but he favors his colleague Sumiko. One day, rumors that Keiko is pregnant flow and the relationship between the three starts losing a delicate balance.

Friendly Enemies Friendly Enemies

Taiketsu : A revenge on a vicious boss is involved in a confrontation between two men who live in the world of Yakuza and the fate of a vagabond.

Friendship of Jazz Friendship of Jazz

Arashi wo Yobu Yujo : Popular in jazz cafes, Okabe and Kawazoe are taught trumpets from Koichiro, a former famous trumpeter. One day, the two quarreled with a street gang, but then the man was asked to be the only son of Koichiro.

The Frivolous Age
The Frivolous Age

Seishun no Otôri : Sakurako, Hisako and Nakako are besties from junior college. After graduating, Sakurako goes to the Housework Vocational Training Center, and starts working as a housekeeper for a TV writer who lives in a luxury home.

Full of Hope Full of Hope

Itsudemo Yume wo : Set in a factory area in downtown Tokyo, the triangle relationship of love developed by a nurse Hikaru, Katsushi who goes to school at night, and a new driver Ryuji.

G The Gambler The Gambler

Jirochô Yūkyôden Amagigarasu : A man rampages at Amagi in Izu! The spirit of a man who saves the island-breaking peace! The second installment of Jiro, following The Gambler, Akiba no Himatsuri.

The Gamblers The Gamblers

Tôkai Yûkyoden : Ginji is the young leading subordinate in yakuza group who is the right arm of the leader. One day, he is caught off guard by a stranger who comes to his patch, and questioned himself the way he has been lived.

The Gentlemen's Club The Gentlemen's Club

Yume ga Ippai Abarenbo : Jiro Shimizu, lives in Tokyo, in the true Robin Hood tradition. He takes a dim view of the request since he doesn't relish the idea of gangsters in their highly respectable gathering.

The Girl in the Glass The Girl in the Glass

Glass no Naka no Shôjo : The boy's name is Yoichi and the girl is Sashiro. The friendship that grew up between them will eventually grow into love. But the more pure it was, the more it had to end with a sad ending …

A Girl on the Plateau
A Girl on the Plateau

Kogen no Ojôsan : Kazuo lives on a farm in Tateshina Kogen with a widow and a daughter of Zenkichi, while continuing his research. One day, Kazuo is attracted to the beautiful young lady who is visiting the villa when he goes out to the town.

Glass-Hearted Johnny Glass-Hearted Johnny

Glass no Johnny Yajû no youni Miete : Runaway prostitute Mifune meets Joe, a handicapper traveling with cyclist Hiroshi, decides to tag along. Meanwhile, Joe must find a way to buy Hiroshi a new bike.

The Grass-Mowers The Grass-Mowers

Kusa wo Karu Musume : Tokizo caught Moyoko washing his horse this morning in the same river where everyone takes their drinking water.

The Guitarist and the Rancher The Guitarist and the Rancher

Kuchibue ga Nagareru Minatomachi : A rambler Shinji and an assassin Tachioka develop a mutual respect for each other. Shinji finds a job at a ranch, and discovers that the owner is indebted to a yakuza, and that Tachioka works for the yakuza family.

H The Half Moon The Half Moon

Itoshi no Half Moon : Sex isn't something that you plan, it just happens. Yoko is a 23-year-old pink collared worker. After college she's kept close with Yokoyama and Ishida, two male friends who both harbor feelings for her.

He's the Witness He's the Witness

Nikaidô Takuya Ginza Buraichô Ginza Might Guy Mokugekisha wa Kyatsu da : Takuya witnesses the homicide of the detective leading an investigation into the murder of the chairman of the People’s Economic Association, and he disguises himself.


Helldriver : Still reeling from the events of a zombie apocalypse, a young woman, along with a group of allies, makes her way across a dystopian Japan in search of her mother, the Zombie Queen.

High Kick Angels High Kick Angels

High Kick Angels : High school girls in the action film club shoot a new movie at a closed school. Many men invaded the abandoned school where no one should be. In no time, the school gate is blocked and communication with the outside is cut off.

Hirate Miki the Swordman Hirate Miki the Swordman

Jigoku no Gôken Hirate Miki : The man is chased by losing the beauty and preciousness of love and the foundation of life without overcoming the hardship of life.

Home Coming
Home Coming

Kikyo : Suddenly, the delicate maiden of Tomoko is shocked over the return of her natural father, who has returned to Japan after 10 years.

A Hole of My Own Making
A Hole of My Own Making

Jibun no Ana no Nakade : Nobuko is a widow who lives with her daughter-in-law Tamiko and her brother Junjiro. The family's gatekeeper, Komatsu, is attracted to Tamiko, but she is encouraged to marry a doctor and he is afraid to tell her his feelings.

The Human Cyclone The Human Cyclone

Nikaido Takuya Ginza Buraicho Ginza Might Guy : Takuya Nikaido is called the "The Mighty Guy" of Ginza, perhaps because he comes and goes like a whirlwind. He works as an interior designer and is popular with the woman.

Human Torpedoes Human Torpedoes

Ningen Gyorai Shutsugeki su : In early July 1945, the young Katen kamikaze attack members are training hard every day in preparation for the sortie at a special base in the Seto Inland Sea.

I I Miss You, I Miss You I Miss You, I Miss You

Aitakute Aitakute : A college student who lives as a singer for a limited time suffers from love with a magazine photographer.

I'm All Yours I'm All Yours

Minna Agechau : Yuno is the daughter of a millionaire, who goes to a prestigious all-girls high school. As the only member in her group of friends who is still a virgin, she yearns for the change to catch up.

Invincible Castle Invincible Castle

Shirotori : The time is at the end of the Sengoku period, when the world is about to move to the Tokugawa era. At this turning point, Kagekatsu Uesugi who is the lord of Aizu Wakamatsu castle shouts overcoming Ieyasu with the pride of Samurai.

J Japanese Gambler's Code
Japanese Gambler's Code

Nippon Zangyôden : In the Taisho era, yakuzas plan to break the Kakuyoshi tenement and create a department store. Edo asks Kakuyoshi not to sell his tenement for the residents of there, but on his way back, he lays under timbers and dies unexpectedly.

Jiraiya Jiraiya

Ninjutsu Sanyoden Jiraiya : Taromaru, whose father was killed by the Nobushi gang, is given a witchcraft and begins to revenge himself as Jiraiya.

Joe of Aces : Gambling for a Living Joe of Aces : Gambling for a Living

Rokudenashi Kagyô : Yano and Kuroda become friends after running away from the station cafeteria and visit a leading lawyer in the town. However, they are taken to the police there. After they released, the two beat the rough man at the port.

Joe of Aces : Give and Take Joe of Aces : Give and Take

Suketto Kagyo : The third in the Joe of Aces series, where a man is good at shooting fast against bosses who are enthusiastic about Yokohama, Kobe and Hong Kong.

Joe of Aces : The Bodyguard Joe of Aces : The Bodyguard

Yôjinbo Kagyo : In the second installment of the Joe of Aces series, the acrobatics of the Dual wield and the Astro Boy explode unsurpassedly.

Joe on the Plain Joe on the Plain

Hayauchi Burai Daiheigen no Otoko : Former Yakuza Joji gets off at a local station to return the favor to Kishimoto, but Kishimoto gets involved in a railroad concession dispute and is killed by the local gang Sakaguchi family. Joji challenges the battle to confront the Sakaguchi family with his handgun.

K Kakita Akanishi Kakita Akanishi

Akanishi Kakita : Kakita takes the order of the lord and infiltrates the mansion to uncover Date Hyobu's evil but he needs to create a motive to quit before he raises suspecion.

Kawakami Tetsuji, No. 16 Kawakami Tetsuji, No. 16

Kawakami Tetsuharu Monogatari Sebangô16 : Tetsuharu joins the Giants baseball team after his high school baseball ends. With his wife’s support and friendship with his teammate Yoshiwara becomes the Batting Champion after many struggles.

Keep Your Chin Up
Keep Your Chin Up

Ue wo Muite Aruko : Kyu and Ryoji escape from the boy discrimination center and start a new life toward their dreams.

Killers from the Sea Killers from the Sea

Umi no Jôji ni Kakero : One day, Ranko and her friends playing on a yacht meet a young man who is shot with a pistol and floating off the coast. He was attacked by someone on the boat returning from his hometown to Tokyo.

Killer's Dice
Killer's Dice

Kuroi Tobakushi Dice de Korose : With the death of Monocle Yang, the best gambler in Macao, who lost to Himuro's golden arm, there are many men who are anxious to step into his shoes.

A Killer without a Grave A Killer without a Grave

Kurenai no Kenju : Nakata is an nihilistic young buck that's willing to do just about anything to get some money in his pockets. As he knocks back a couple of drinks, a former marksman-turnd-bad, Ishioka approaches him.

The Kanto Gambler's Fate The Kanto Gambler's Fate

Kantô Yûkyôden : There are two men who live in the midst of conflict between three opposing yakuza groups. They are full of the spirit of Robin Hood, fall in love, and then face a fateful confrontation.

The Kiss of Hell The Kiss of Hell

Jigoku no Seppun : Following the disappearance of 10 million yen, private detective Ichihei Shizuno gets involved in a mysterious murder case.

L Love Comes with Youth Love Comes with Youth

Izu no Odoriko : A student Mizuhara who traveled in Izu meets a traveling entertainer and shared them along the way. He is attracted to a young girl Kaoru at the party.

Love in Tokyo
Love in Tokyo

Tokyo wa Koisuru : Akio, a signboard worker who dreams to enter art college, sees a beautiful girl Michiko taking shelter from the rain in Ginza. Since then, Akio cannot forget her remnant, along with Michiko's mascot that she dropped.

Love on the Trapeze Love on the Trapeze

Sasurai : Satake, who quit the circus business three years ago after a colleague died, was asked by a cabaret president for his bouncer. Satake then offers to monitor the circus where his deceased colleague's lover works.

The Long Death The Long Death

Teigin Jiken Shikeishû : On January 26, 1948, a man who named the Tokyo Metropolitan Sanitation Section kills 12 people by letting them drink a cyanide compound. In the mass poisoning case, a painter Hirasawa is arrested and sentenced to death.

The Lust of Tycoon The Lust of Tycoon

Tokugawa no Jotei Ooku : The story takes place under the reign of 11th Edo Shogunate Tokugawa Ienari. Omiyo becomes the adopted child of Shogunal vassal Nalano Kiyoshige, then proceeds to become a member of the Shogun's harem later.

M The Maid
The Maid

Jochûkko : Hatsu works as a maid for the Kajiki family in Tokyo. She is being protective of the second son of the Kajiki family, which causes him to get picked on by school mates.

A Man of Victory
A Man of Victory

Hoshiyo Nagekuna Shori no Otoko : Ryuji won an Olympic gold medal in the boxing division and received many invitations from professionals. But he doesn't want to be a professional and disappears because his former teacher tried to sell him for money.

The Man who Rode the Typhoon
The Man who Rode the Typhoon

Fūsoku 40 Meter : An architecture student heads off to Tokyo with high hopes to land a job in his father's building firm. But when he witnesses a fatal accident at the company, he feels there's a conspiracy in play.

Melody of Rebellion Melody of Rebellion

Hangyaku no Melody : Hippie style young wolves(men) direct their youthful anger against massive crime organization.

Men and War Chapter 1, Vol.1 & 2 Men and War Chapter 1, Vol.1 & 2

Senso to Ningen Part One Unmei no Jokyoku Second Part : In the early Showa Era, the new conglomerate Godai family plans to advance to Manchuria and strengthens its adhesions with the military.

Men and War Chapter 2, Vol.1 & 2 Men and War Chapter 2, Vol. 1 & 2

Senso to Ningen Part Two Ai to Kanashimi no Sanka First Part : Shunsuke is increasingly frustrated with a free and democratic society, and starts feeling frustrated and angry with the Godai family trying to approach the military.

Men and War Chapter 3, Vol.1 & 2 Men and War Chapter 3, Vol.1 & 2

Senso to Ningen Part Three Final First Part : In 1937, the war between Japan and China finally begins. On the other hand, the eldest daughter of Godai Family Yukiko tactically marries the son of Toua Bank President, Amemiya.

Minazuki Minazuki

Minazuki : Norio is a 40-year-old computer maniac. One day, his wife leaves a mysterious farewell letter to him and disappears with bankbook.

Miyamoto Musashi Part I & II Miyamoto Musashi Part I & II

Miyamoto Musashi Kusawake no Hitobito & Eitatsu no Mon : Musashi, who hones the sword with the wildness of the beast, is enlightened to a clear state like a mirror through the sword's courage and the quest for the soul.

Miyamoto Musashi Part III Miyamoto Musashi Part III

Miyamoto Musashi Kenshin Ichiro : Musashi, who hones the sword with the wildness of the beast, is enlightened to a clear state like a mirror through the sword's courage and the quest for the soul.

The Mongrels The Mongrels

Ikiteita Norainu : Jiro is arrested as a suspect for a crime his brother Taro committed. But while in jail he learns that Taro is killed and Taro's gang family, Kimura & Sakazaki are the suspects.

Monument to the Girl's Corps Monument to the Girl's Corps

Aa Himeyuri no Tou : A tragedy of Himeyuri's troops who served in Okinawa during the Pacific War and spread over the fire.

N The Night of Sorrow
The Night of Sorrow

Aishu no Yoru : A young lawyer looking for a true culprit to save his innocent friend. But behind the case is the father of a woman he loves.

No Greater Love No Greater Love

Zesshô : The landowner's only son loves the mountain guard’s daughter, but his father forces him to marry the tycoon’s daughter. He decides to get away from home and starts living with guard’s daughter, but later, he receives the war convocation letter.

North Country Town
North Country Town

Kitaguni no Machi : Tokamachi in Niigata Prefecture is famous for its silk fabrics. A young man, the son of a hand-woven craftsman, and a financially blessed girl fall in love. However, she is found to be affected by leukemia.

O Only on Mondays Only on Mondays

Getsuyoubi no Yuka : 18-year-old Yuka lives the nightlife. Having sex with strangers doesn't bother her, but being unable to satisfy her sugar daddy torments her.

Ours to Have And to Hold
Ours to Have And to Hold

Otoko ga Bakuhatsu suru : A woman arrives at a station in Nagano, wearing a kimono that doesn't quite match the majesty of the land. She seeks a place to die after her husband's arrest in a dam construction corruption case.

P The Price of Tears The Price of Tears

Nayoroiwa Namida no Kantôshô : This is a lifelong tale of sweat and tears of the great hero Nayoroiwa who survived with great passion and sincerity in the world of sumo.

Profile of a Boss' Son Profile of a Boss' Son

Yakuza no Yokogao : The man leaves his hometown to avoid enemies targeting him, and defeats the attacking opponent while experiencing his full emotions.

R The Rain of Acacia The Rain of Acacia

Acacia no Ame ga Yamutoki : Hideo is heading for a vacation on the shore of a misty lake and saves a fashion model woman whose name is Keiko.

The Rambler Goes North The Rambler Goes North

Wataridori Kita-e Kaeru : Shinji arrives at Hakodate on a cold day with the remains of his best friend Koichi, who was murdered before he was treated for narcotic drug addiction. Shinji looks for a killer based on the dying words of Koichi.

The Rambler in the Sunset
The Rambler in the Sunset

Akai Yūhi no Wataridori : Owning the water source for a potential hot spring establishment is like owning a goldmine. A man who leads a vagabond life forms an uneasy alliance with the townspeople to fight off the evil they're facing.

The Rambler Returns Home The Rambler Returns Home

Wataridori Kokyo e Kaeru : A former Kakei yakuza member Hiroshi comes back home after many years. While the boss's daughter is concealing affection for him, she is married to a businessman. But an emerging yakuzas are not pleased with the marriage.

The Rambler under the Southern Cross The Rambler under the Southern Cross

Hato wo Koeru Wataridori : The night before Shinji left for Hong Kong, he had saved a trading merchant from being attacked by a brutal international gang. During the violent run-in, he had snatched a pendant off one of the gangster's necks.

Rambling in the Sea
Rambling in the Sea

Ôunabara wo Yuku Wataridori : As Shinji moseys travels down the rough back roads of the Unzen plateau, he sees a horse drawn carriage being raided by three masked men. He rushes to save all the passengers, but they have made off with ten million yen.

Rambling Is My Destiny Rambling Is My Destiny

Sasurai wa Ore no Sadame : Himuro, who is never able to settle down in any one place for long, is standing on a hill overlooking the ocean, the final resting place of his sweetheart Toshiko.

The Record of Love The Record of Love

Ai to Shi no Kiroku : Kazue and Yukio immediately become close after the accident, but Yukio's foster parent is concerned knowing that he's in love since he was previously hospitalized in a Genbaku hospital for radiation survivors.

Red Buds and White Flowers
Red Buds and White Flowers

Akai Tsubomi to Shiroi Hana : Senior year high school students Tomiko and Shigeo who were brought up with only one parent, connect with each other by their parents.

Red Paper Lanterns Red Paper Lanterns

Aka Chochin : In a neighborhood where the red lanterns light up the alleyways at nightfall, Masayuki and Sanae keep each other warm. Love takes its toll when they find out that Sachie is pregnant.

A Red Windmill
A Red Windmill

Fusha no Aru Machi : Mariko leaves Tokyo to attend the International Childcare Society in Munich. At the airport she receives an engagement ring from Natsukawa, but actually she is also fascinated by Ishikura, who is studying in Amsterdam.

Red Wing
Red Wing

Kurenai no Tsubasa : A co-pilot of a sightseeing aircraft has to make an urgent delivery of antitetanic blood serum to save the children of an island. Meanwhile the president of a corporation has been assassinated and the killer is on the run.

The Return of the Vagabond
The Return of the Vagabond

Wataridori Itsumatakaeru : Shinji arrives on Sado Island at the same time as Tetsu, who believes that Shinji killed his brother. Locals plead with Shinji to help bring down the corrupt mine owner, who ruthlessly controls the island.

Rider with a Guitar Rider with a Guitar

Daisogen no Wataridori : Shinji has befriended a young boy who is in search for his real mother. In the hope of reuniting mother and son, Shinji takes the boy to Hokkaido, but soon finds out the only thing waiting for them is trouble and heartache.

The Righteous Hobo The Righteous Hobo

Dekansho Furaibo : In the midst of an argument between a man accused of attempting to kidnap an old lady and an all-girl gang called the Pink Apaches, a car carrying the former prime minister nearly crashes into them.

Ryuji, the Gun Slinger Ryuji, the Gun Slinger

Kenju Buraicho Nukiuchi no Ryu : Ryuji, and an expert gunman with drug addiction, finds himself waking up in a hospital bed one morning. The last thing he could remember is that he was in a shoot out with two other men the night before.

Ryuji, the Gun Slinger: Song of Colts Ryuji, the Gun Slinger: Song of Colts

Nukiuchi no Ryu: Kenju no Uta : After taking revenge on the Kuroki-gumi family for his lover's death, Ryu disappears. He later returns to the underworld to save his brother-in-law, who is on the run from the Mitsuda-gumi family for unpaid gambling debts.

S The School Cap The School Cap

Gakuen Hiroba : High school students in a rustic textile city now break old practices and bring new and healthy air to schools and towns.

Season of the Sun Season of the Sun

Taiyo no Kisetsu : Tatsuya is a sullen high school student and boxer. Like most teenage boys, he and his buddies are into three things: alcohol, fighting, and girls.

The Seat of Youth The Seat of Youth

Seinen no Isu : At banquets in Kinugawa Onsen, geisha are lining up and employees are working on services. The general manager Hishiyama tells his employees to take notice of President Hatada, who is famous for his bad drinking habits.

Semyonov's Gold Ingots Semyonov's Gold Ingots

Nazo no Kinkai : Ippei, a bored private detective hears from his assistant Hideko an interesting story that General Semyonov who has been exiled to Japan buried his gold bullion somewhere.

Showdown Showdown

Ketto : One day, the Fukuyoshi family who organize Mikawa area fight against the Yamatatsu family. A shipbuilder Seijuro who has to become a helper, confront the Yamatatsu family with a vagabond.

Singing Lovebirds Singing Lovebirds

Oshidori Utagassen : Oharu is the daughter of a poor umbrella merchant. She's in love with Reisaburo, a handsome young ronin who lives next door, but she's not the only one who's vying for him.

The Six Assassins The Six Assassins

Rokunin no Ansatsusha : Set in Kyoto during a period of historical change that draws blood at the end of the Edo period, a man raises freedom from fire and smoke.

A Slope in the Sun A Slope in the Sun

Hi no Ataru Sakamichi Tetsuya Watari version : A young man who knows himself as a child by a subordinate wife finds out that his real mother lives in the same apartment as his half-sister tutor.

A Song for Father


A Song for Father

Chichi to Musume no Uta : Hiroko, who is working hard to save money for admission to the Music College decides to help her father who is a retired clarinet player.

Song for My Friend  Song for My Friend

Tomo wo Okuru Uta : Yoshio and Genichi are close friends who dream of becoming a sailor in Yokohama after graduating from high school. Yoshio follows Genichi who first went to Yokohama, but he cannot find a boat on which Genichi is supposed to be on.

A Song of Farewell  A Song of Farewell

Sekibetsu no Uta : Akira resigns as a high school teacher and returns to Sendai due to a fight with thugs. He learns that the benevolent Kobe Gumi has betrayed one of the executives. He feels angry, but unable to decide to become a yakuza.

The Sound Of Waves The Sound Of Waves

Shiosai : A lovely first love between a young fisherman and an abalone-caught diver girl.

The Spiders' March The Spiders' March

The Spiders no Go Go Mukoumizu Sakusen : Seven people from The Spiders go to Tokyo from Yokohama, truly receiving the words of the heroine that "the person who can overcome any obstacle is my lover"!

Star of Destiny Star of Destiny

Hoshi no Flamenco : Eiji and his sister haven't seen their mother in almost 20 years since the war had separated them. When he learns that his sister is engaged, he is determined to reunite with his mother and relay the wonderful news.

The Stars And I Decided
The Stars And I Decided

Hoshi to Ore tode Kimetanda : A nightclub hired singer, Kenji, unravels the mystery of his brother's death.

Stars in Her Eyes Stars in Her Eyes

Asakusa no Hi Odoriko Monogatari : Set in Asakusa before the Great Kanto Earthquake, it depicts the days of three people: a dancer heroine Reiko, an opera star, and an aspiring painter.

Step on the Gas Step on the Gas

Shinjuku Outlaw Buttobase : When Yuji is released on parole, he is greeted by a young man who has left his wealthy house and started selling marijuana.

Street in the Sun Street in the Sun

Hi no Ataru Sakamichi : Shinji knows that he is a son of a concubine and has set himself up, but when Takako, a female college student appears as a tutor for his sister, he gradually regains himself.

Sunlight and Shadows Sunlight and Shadows

Hana to Kajitsu : Nobuko who is from Awaji Island goes to university in Tokyo and enjoys her school life with her boyfriend Goro. One day she learns that her mother's condition worsens and decides to go back to home.

T Takadanobaba Duel Takadanobaba Duel

Chikemuri Takada no Baba : A ronin Yasubei who can spend time fighting while drinking alcohol and ignoring his nagging uncle Rokuro-zaemon.

Tange Sazen and the Pot Worth One Million Ryo Tange Sazen and the Pot Worth One Million Ryo

Tange Sazen Yowa Hyakumanryo no Tsubo : Set in Edo period. Genzaburo takes a pot with him when he married, not knowing that the pot is a clue to where the family fortune has been hidden.

Tange Sazen Chapter 1 : Ken un Tange Sazen Chapter 1 : Ken un

Tange Sazen Daiichibu Kenun no Maki : By the request of his master who is obsessed with collecting swords, Zennosuke arrives in Edo to acquire the demon swords which are the household treasures of the Onozuka Dojo.

Tange Sazen Chapter 2 : Konryu Tange Sazen Chapter 2 : Konryu

Tange Sazen Dainibu Konryu no Maki : Sazen is possessed by the demon sword Ken un, and is wreaking havoc by committing several fruitless murders. He wanders the town of Edo in search for the pair sword, Konryu.

Tange Sazen Chapter 3 : Shoryu Tange Sazen Chapter 3 : Shoryu

Tagen Sazen Daisanbu Shoryu no Maki : Tange Sazen used to cause havoc with his fruitless murders because of an ill omened demon sword. Now he is comforting spirits with Ofuji, who is in love with him.

Their Distance Their Distance

Shiranai Futari : Shoemaker apprentice Leon who avoids contact with people gets entangled with Sona who is drunk one day, but for some reason he can't forget about her.

Three Daughters Three Daughters

Uwaki no Kisetsu : A company employee, Shozo, who is near retirement age, is worried about the future of his three daughters, Naoko, Maki and Momoko. Despite his concern, the daughters make a fuss about the father's remarriage.

Three Girls and the Karate King Three Girls and the Karate King

Nikaido Takuya Ginza Buraicho Kaettekita Senpuji : The Ginza Hall is packed as the audience anxiously awaits the premier of Takuya Nikkaido's newest creative dance piece. Behind curtains, theatre staff members are panicking.

Three Stray Dogs Three Stray Dogs

Sanbiki no Norainu : Three men, an immoral man who plans to escape during the escort, a safe-breaker, and a crazy young man chase after a 100 million yen diamond.

Tiger and Cub Strategy Tiger and Cub Strategy

Toranoko Sakusen : A police station has five uncontrollable detectives. These five men are told something by the chief officer and eventually disappeared.

Till Death Do Us Part Till Death Do Us Part

Ai to Shi wo Mitsumete : Michiko and Makoto meet in a hospital. Michiko always acts upbeat and never seems to appear ill despite having osteosarcoma. When Makoto leaves to go to university, they continue their relationship by exchanging letters.

To Love To Love

Aisuru : Mitsu meets Tsutomu on Christmas and spends the night with him. But their happiness comes to an end quickly when Mitsu is diagnosed with leprosy and needs to be transferred to a sanitarium.

Tokyo Olympic Ondo Tokyo Olympic Ondo

Tokyo Gorin Ondo : Mitsuko is a hardworking cheerful girl so when she received an invitation from the national swimming team, people rejoice. However, for some odd reason, her grandfather opposes.

Tomorrow Is Another Day
Tomorrow Is Another Day

Ashita wa Ashita no Kaze ga Fuku : A former yakuza man ends his long sentence for murdering a gang leader. He is surprised by the changing pace of the world after learning how different his former companions' lives have become.

Tomorrow's Bride Tomorrow's Bride

Asu no Hanayome : Yuriko from Shodoshima enters a college in Kobe where her mother graduated. Meanwhile, Utaro who works at Olive Garden on Shodoshima and also Yuriko's childhood friend, will guide a middle-aged man who came to the interview.

A Torrent of Life
A Torrent of Life

Gekiryu ni Ikiru Otoko : Ryutaro helps a boy who almost gets hit by a car. As a sign of gratitude, the boy's aunt at the nightclub offers Ryutaro a job as a bartender and a place to stay.

Toying with Life
Toying with Life

Dodotaru Jinsei : Isami is furious when her friend steps on and falls on a rolling toy car. The culprits are Shuhei and his colleague Kosuke, and they were testing the toys made by Shuhei.

Trigger Happy Trigger Happy

Ore no Kenju wa Subayai : With the drug smuggling team in the background, the private detective, Ippei Shizuno, goes on a violent rampages with a handgun.

U Under the Roof of Young Tokyo Under the Roof of Young Tokyo

Wakai Tokyo no Yane no Shita : A glass factory worker Fukiko lives with her parents and her younger brother. Her immediate problem is her father's suspension of life, so she visits her siblings' house to talk about their parents' living expenses.

Ushimatsu in the Darkness Ushimatsu in the Darkness

Kurayami no Ushimatsu yori Hatsusugata Ushimatsukôshi : The man leaves the love of his wife and follows the back road of life from darkness to darkness.

V Vagabond from the Sea Vagabond from the Sea

Umikara Kita Nagaremono : Koji arrives on Izu Ôshima Island and saves Reiko who was being attacked by henchmen of Yakuza. They plan to acquire the property owned by Reiko’s father, and turn it into a relay point for narcotics.

Vanished Glory Vanished Glory

Wakaki Tamashii no Kiroku Nanatsu no Botton : In 1945, Japan is already at a disadvantage on the battlefield, but boys still long for Navy Flight Preparatory Training

The Vanishing Outpost  The Vanishing Outpost

Kieta Chutai : In June 1941, Daigo Kagawa who has just started a military school is assigned as the captain of the guard station of Manchuria, facing the Amur area of the Soviet Union across the Heilongjiang River.

Virgin Blues Virgin Blues

Virgin Blues : Girls who got tired of life meet a middle-aged man and got a glimpse of the adult world.

W The Wages of Sin The Wages of Sin

Aku no Hoshu : With Ryosuke's prison sentenced served, he is now a free man. But he soon finds out that his wife is not the only person who is anxious to see him. Days later, he goes missing and his wife turns up dead in a nearby moat.

War and Youth War and Youth

Sensou to Seishun : Yukari is curious about what happened to her ant during WW II, but her father tends to avoid the topic. At last, her father begins to unfold to his daughter what befell her aunt during the war.

A Warm Misty Night A Warm Misty Night

Yogiri yo Konya mo Arigato : When Toru returns home from a foreign cargo route, he proposes to his beloved girlfriend Akiko. She joyously agrees, but suddenly goes missing.

Wasteland of Metropolis Wasteland of Metropolis

Ginza no Sabaku : Saburo works as a boy at Cabaret Montecristo, known as an eerie shop in Ginza. One day, Saburo is shown a strange place by the manager Shoji. It was a man-made desert of drug addicts.

Waterfront Gambler Waterfront Gambler

Hatoba no Tobakushi : Powerful bosses representing each region of Japan attend the smuggling organization meeting. They seethe when the boss of Kobe states that a profile of the 20-carat diamond and the secret group was stolen by a fellow Kayama.

Welcome, My Baby Welcome, My Baby

Konnichiwa Akachan : The life pattern of seafarers who have been given a day off on a stage in Yokohama.

Wet Sand in August Wet Sand in August

Hachigatu no Nureta Suna : One summer morning, Kiyoshi rides his bike on the beach when Sanae is thrown out from a green convertible in her underwear. Late, Maki, Sanae's sister, falsely accuses Kiyoshi that he participated in her sister's rape.

When the Flowers Bloom When the Flowers Bloom

Ashita wa Sakou Hana Sakou : Hiroko, who has a weekly magazine reporter as her lover is assigned as a public health nurse in a remote village. However, there is widespread poverty and ignorance beyond her imagination.

The Whispering Star
The Whispering Star

Hisohisoboshi : For years, Android Yoko travels through a universe riding in the Showa-style retro interior spaceship, Rental Number Z. She delivers daily items to humans that have been certified as extinct species when she visits their lonely stars.

Who's in the Background? Who's in the Background?

Nikaidô Takuya Ginza Buraichô Ginza Might Guy Kuromaku wa Dare da : Takuya, The Mighty Guy of Ginza, learns of a counterfeit currency operation run by the Japan Development Corporation, and tries to confront the mastermind with evidence of his claim.

Whose Chair Is That? Whose Chair Is That?

Dare no Isu? : In a high school, two men are fighting over a beautiful female teacher who has been assigned as an English teacher.

The Wild Reporter The Wild Reporter

Shimizu no Abarenbo : Ishimatsu, a radio producer who is assigned to Tokyo from the Shimizu branch, mistakenly has drugs snuck into his luggage at a soba restaurant.

Winged Romance Winged Romance

Oozora ni Kanpai : Stewardess Yuriko goes through rigorous two-month training and finishes her maiden flight safely with the help of her colleagues and instructors.

Women's Police Women's Police

Onna no Keisatsu : Kagari knows that Kushima is investigating a dangerous case, and recruits private detective Kato to help him pursue the investigation.

Women's Police Part III: Appointment with Danger Women's Police Part III Appointment with Danger

Onna no Keisatsu Kokusaisen Machiaishitsu : Kagari receives a call from a girl he groomed to become a top-ranking hostess. When she disappears, he visits her club and the proprietress intimates that one of the customers may have been involved.

Women's Police Part IV: Swirling Butterflies Women's Police Part IV: Swirling Butterflies

Onna no Keisatsu Midare Cho : Kagari is reunited with Yuko and learns that her new patron is a powerful criminal named Daigo. He also discovers that Kuroki who has caused trouble by hiring away hostesses from popular clubs is Daigo's underling.

A World for Two A World for Two

Futari no Sekai : Shuichi Hojo, who had fled the country for an innocent crime, returns to Japan as a Filipino four days before the statute of limitations is to expire.

Y Yaji and Kita's Travel Diary Yaji and Kita's Travel Diary

Yaji Kita Dochuki : Kinshiro sets out to Kyoto, not knowing what his travels would bring. When he meets Jirokichi for the first time, he as no idea that Jiro is a famous thief.

Z The Zero Fighter The Zero Fighter

Reisen Kurokumo Ikka : In 1943, at the airbase of Balte Island, the members who have repelled Tanimura in an extreme state get to be united.