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Question: What is the “JapanDirect” package?

Answer: It’s 2 TV channels, “Nippon TV Channel” and “Channel NECO International” packaged together for the consumer and offered via DIRECTV.


Question: Is this the same Nippon TV channel as in Japan?

Answer: The “NIPPON TV Channel” on DIRECTV is from the same Nippon TV as in Japan. Which is the #1 rated television station in Japan for the past 5 years. The US channel has programming and scheduling that is specific to the US which is different than the channel in Japan.


Question: What kind of shows are on NipponTV Channel?

Answer: The top rated dramas and variety shows from NTV’s channel in Japan will be available for the 1st time in the US on the “NipponTV Channel”. The channel will also air all of the home games from the Yomiuri Giants baseball games. Each month will have new shows added.


Question: What is Channel NECO International?

Answer: It is the US version of the very popular movie channel from Japan. It comes from the oldest movie production company in Japan, Nikkatsu Corporation.


Question: What kind of shows are on Channel NECO International?

Answer: The channel will feature movies and TV series that are action oriented. From Nikkatsu’s own library along with other Japanese production companies.


Question: Are there any news on JapanDirect?

Answer: JapanDirect is purely entertainment. Currently there are no news programs.


Question: Are all shows in Japanese? Are there any English subtitles?

Answer: All shows are in native Japanese language with no English subtitles.


Question: How many shows are available each month?

Answer: Each channel will feature more than 100 hours of unique content each month.


Question: How much does JapanDirect Cost?

Answer: If you are an existing DIRECTV customer, then just add JapanDirect for $25 a month. If you are not currently a DIRECTV customer, then you will need to get a basic English language package along with JapanDirect. The basic English language package starts at $21.99 a month which includes around 100 channels and requires an equipment purchase or a $59.99 a month package that includes over 150 channels with equipment included.




Question: What equipment will I need to watch JapanDirect?

Answer: DIRECTV customers will receive all the equipment and installation required to receive the JapanDirect TV programming. The only requirement is that the customer’s home must be able to install a satellite dish and have an unobstructed view of the sky. DIRECTV’s technician will be able to determine if a customer is available to receive the DIRECTV service. But most of the US is able to receive DIRECTV.